Societech's platform augments digital experiences with social intelligence.

Alone Together

The Problem

Technologies have long focused on individuals. Thus, our technology knows us as individuals targeting ads and recommendations based on our history.

At least until someone else interacts with our devices or starts speaking to us while we ask our digital assistant a question.

Rarely do individuals work or make decisions in a bubble.

Shared Digital Experience

Our Solution

Societech provides insights into social dynamics to provide your digital experience with social context. Allowing individuals to interact naturally with businesses, applications, and the people around them.

By making our devices aware of the people around us, we empower companies to improve human interactions and group decision making.


What We Offer

  • Our platform helps match individuals to a group, which can be used to speed up decision making or suggest purchases for members of the group
  • Reduce the time people spend on their devices and increase the amount of time they spend interacting with other people, increasing their satisfaction with their interactions
  • Recommended conversations to improve work collaboration and interpersonal relations

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